[Smashy the Hammer] [An Aspiring Luddite]
I carry no phone
An aspiring Luddite
In a wired world.
[Jeff Berry]
Jeff Berry is an early adopter of the Internet and the Web, a late adopter of Twitter, and declines to adopt Facebook. With the death of Google+, he's experimenting with federated platforms. He admins a medievalist Mastodon instance, and can found on the PlusPora diaspora pod. He hates cell-phones.

The Aspiring Luddite's Twitter

I do have a Twitter account, and you can certainly follow me there if you'd like. My feed used to consist of about one haiku each day. I've gotten a it more vocal. Check it out.

Here's a haiku, done in my own inimitable style. Contact me if you'd like some original artwork in this vein.