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Feast Planning During Plague Years
Part the Fifth
Course the Third

The Third course was set out as:

  • pork (warm and moist), recipe TBD
  • barley frumenty (cold and dry),
  • blaunche porre (warm and dry)
  • Lettuce (cold and moist), probably salat
  • With a couple of the recipes in place already, only one or two more to decide upon.

    Dish 1: Felets yn galentyne.
    Take the ribbys of a breste of porke; fle of the skyn. Do the flesche on a broche. Roste hit tyl hit be almost ynogwghe; take hit of. Chop hit yn pecys. Do hit yn a pottle with onyons cut grete, wyth clowys hole, macyz, quibbys; do togedry, & a quantyte of swete broth. Dray a lyour of paryngs of crustys of white bredde with good wyne and a lytyll blod, & alaye hit a lytyll, & do thereto poudry of pepyr, a lityll, & a good quantyte of poudyr of canell, & sette it ont he fyre & styrr it. & when it is boyled inowgh, loke hit be nott chargaunt. Sesyn hit up with poudyr of gynger, veneger & salt.('An Ordinance of Pottage,' p.43,#24, Hieatt)

    With a few tweaks, this can made easily avoid some issues people might have with the spicing. Rather than finishing the pork in the sauce, I can simply roast it off completely. The sauce of onions, cloves, mace, cubebs, wine, cinnamon, pepper and blood, thickened with bread, can be on the side. The seasoned vinegar can also be on the side.

    Dish 2: Frumente yn lyntyn
    Take clene pykyd whete. Bray hit yn a morter, and fanne it clene, & seth hit tyl hit be brokyn. Than grynd blanchid almondys yn a morter; draw therof a mylke. Do hit togedyr & boyle hit tyl hit be resonabull thykke: than loke thy whete be tendyr. Colour hit up with safferyn. Leche thy purpas when hit is sodyn, then ley hit on disches by hitsylfe, and serve hit forth with frumente. ('An Ordinance of Pottage,' p.40,#16, Hieatt)

    Clearly, I won't be serving porpoise with this. The rest looks pretty simple - wheat, usually bulgur, simmered with almond milk. As usual, I will omit the saffron.

    Dish 3: Blaunche porree
    To make blaunche porre. Take whyte lekys & perboyle hem & hewe hem smale with oynouns. Cast it in good broþ & seþe it vp with smale bryddys. Coloure it with safferoun; powder yt with pouder douce. ('Curye on Inglysch,' IV:1, Hieatt and Butler)

    Leeks, in addition to being delicious, are also warm and dry. Blaunche porre is leek and onion soup. If I make it with vegetable broth, it is vegetarian. Even easier, I can simply use water and salt. Poudre douce is already on the table.

    Dish 4: Salat
    Take persel, sawge, grene garlec, chiboles, oynouns, leek, borage, mynte s, porrettes, fenel, and toun cressis, rew, rosemarye, purslarye; laue and waisc he hem clene. Pike hem. Pluk hem small wiþ þyn honde, and mynge he m wel with rawe oile; lay on vyneger and salt, and serue it forth. ('Curye on Inglysch', Hieatt and Butler, p 115, 'Forme of Cury #78')

    An evergreen classic. I'll get whatever greens and herbs look good and make a simple vinaigrette. Maybe not on the side for this one.

    And that's it! The menu is complete. The budgeting is next!

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