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Jeff Berry is an early adopter of the Internet and the Web, a late adopter of Twitter, and declines to adopt Facebook. With the death of Google+, he's experimenting with federated platforms. He admins a medievalist Mastodon instance, and can found on t he PlusPora diaspora pod. He hates cell-phones.

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Things You Find When Doing Something Else

I decided the time had come to add encryption to my websites. As a result of this, I did some testing and looked at some of the sites that I host but don't actively contribute material to. One such site is The Sisterhood of St Walburga, a household group of heralds mostly based in the East Kingdom.

So this is mostly just a quick shout-out to the various Sisters of St Walburga for their dedicated service.

However ...

I also found The Tale of St Walburga and the Potato, a bit of light frippery that still makes me giggle. Its origins are lost in the mists of time, but I probably wrote it on a dare ...

PS: If you are hosting websites and haven't yet enabled ssl, check out The Let's Encrypt site. Surprisingly easy ...

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