[Smashy the Hammer] [An Aspiring Luddite]
I carry no phone
An aspiring Luddite
In a wired world.
[Jeff Berry]
Jeff Berry is an early adopter of the Internet and the Web, a late adopter of Twitter, and declines to adopt Facebook. With the death of Google+, he's experimenting with federated platforms. He admins a medievalist Mastodon instance, and can found on the PlusPora diaspora pod. He hates cell-phones.


A jagged tree-stump
guards an empty playground strewn
with wind-borne debris
(the day after Sandy)
[A playground]
[A construction site] Scaffold on a tower
a dowager's mantilla
above glassy eyes
A green shadow flits
at the corner of my eye
Cold copper huntress
[A statue]
[A bicyle] Spring arrives on spokes
Flowers sprouting from steel pipe
as seasons spin on
The moon after dawn
shyly hiding half her face
from the morning crowds
[The moon]
[Cloud-topped building] Gazing at the sky
wondering what it is like
to live in the clouds
Snow-dusted treetops
painted white yet evergreen
missing absent birds
[Tree with snow]
[Fear Beethulhu] That is not roasted, which eternal fries ... Ia, ia, Beethulhu fhtagn!
Stone apostle stares
crown of thorns around his brow
made of a bird's nest
[Statuary at the church]
[Herbs in the window] Green in the window
an herbal scent in the air
these make me happy
The moon lingers long
a flawless white cloud floating
in dim morning light
[Moon in the morning]
© 2011 Jeff Berry

The Aspiring Luddite