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Cider in Self-Defense
I bought a cider press the other day. I really had no choice. It was self-defense.

You see, we have this tree in the back garden. It's an apple tree. Sometime during the summmer it began to produce apples, as apple trees are wont to do. Lots of apples. Enough to fill a 10 litre bucket or two every week.

We could chuck them in the brown bin for garden waste, of course, but that seems like, well, a waste. We could, and did, kick many of them back around the base of the tree, where they will return to the earth which spawned them. (Metaphorically. Apples don't actually spawn.)

That still leaves a lot of apples.

And then there are the blackberries. This is England, and not just England, but Norfolk. The berry brambles are a plague. (Metaphorically. Bushes aren't actually an infectious disease.) We've got brambles over the back wall of the garden which are moving into the garden itself like a Roman legion visiting Gaul. (Trans- or cisalpin, your choice.) Across the road, bordering the railway station carpark, are more brambles. Families from around the area come to pick berries. Not in our back garden, of course, but along the road.

There are still a lot of blackberries.

I haven't even mentioned the pear tree. To be fair, it doesn't produce as much as the apple tree, and it's harder to get to them, by reason of the surrounding undergrowth. Still and all, there are also pears. And, at some point, there will be red currants.

That's why I had to buy a cider press, you see. To prevent the waste. It was self-defense. A moral imperative, as it were.

And as a bonus, I get cider.

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